Alpha one

To be an Alpha you have to test your limits. Transform by taking this one-hour full-body HIIT & strength workout!


Find your inner athlete with this sports performance based class. You will develop your power, speed, and agility through a full-body workout. All fitness levels are welcome with options and progressions to help you advance with all movements.

Core Conditioning

You will focus on your core and conditioning. This is a  nonstop class which will have you feeling like you never have before!


Geared towards increasing muscle endurance and definition. This class is a circuit training of chest, back and shoulders using different types of equipment for maximum muscle confusion. Get ready to sweat and flex!!

Booty Assets

Be faced with challenging leg exercises targeting the glutes, quads, and hamstrings mixed with cardio. Fire up your posterior chain with strategic activation drills, embracing this lower body burn. Increase strength and build muscle definition, leaving you feeling confident and prepared for any obstacle!

Row x Rope x Ride

Experience the rowers, battle ropes and bikes in this cardio circuit class that will test your mental as well as your physical! Let’s row, rope and ride the Alpha way!

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